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Versace C1GFA9B2 High Shine Bomber Jacket in Black BLACK XLARGE

Versace C1GFA9B2 High Shine Bomber Jacket in Black BLACK XLARGE
Versace C1GFA9B2 High Shine Bomber Jacket in Black BLACK XLARGE

Product Added : April 1st, 2013
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Versace C1GFA9B2 High Shine Bomber Jacket in Black BLACK XLARGE

Versace C1GFA9B2 High Shine Bomber Jacket in Black BLACK XLARGE

Men’s bomber Versace Jeans C1GFA9B2 jacket in a lightweight cotton fabric match with jeans and espadrilles for a casual look part of the Versace Jeans collection features high shine soft silk like fabric finish, panel to sleeves with contrast piping trim, metal contrast full zip fastening, two front zip fastening pockets with contrast trim deatil nad contrast stitch outline, embroidred Versace Jeans V panther logo to the chest, cutaway style ribbed collar with contrast stripe detail, ribbed cuffs and hem with block striping detail, simple block colour design, contrast mesh lining, tonal stitching. – Black/Charcoal – 100% Polyester

  • Versace C1GFA9B2 Jacket
  • Bomber Versace Jeans jacket
  • High shine finish
  • Contrast trim
  • Available in Small -XXXLarge

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exportclothes.us  VERSACE HM JACKET, LEBRON 9 MIAMI VICE On body review

My pickup from exportclothes.us Im really unhappy with that versace jacket, jacket comes damaged, and sizing is JAPAN.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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What customers say about Versace C1GFA9B2 High Shine Bomber Jacket in Black BLACK XLARGE?

  1. Anyone who wants one of these jackets, get in touch? with exportclothes via skype! Request for them to restock the versace bomber jacket, we need more people to raise the demand. State how much you want one and for them to contact their factory to make more! More demand means more reason to restock at the beginning of April! :)

  2. yeah 250usd?

  3. are u selling? the jacket

  4. selling a size L of this jacket.? Message me for pics/info

  5. l- xl eu.this one is in chinese size? u know

  6. What size do? you normally wear?

  7. sold out? already

  8. Sell it to? me then

  9. The jackets suppose to be tight bruh ha If it didn’t come down? to ur wrist, then it would be too small


  11. i was just about to? comment and say that

  12. Want to sell it?

  13. Bro I search these in size Xl, for sale ????

  14. I mean if you wear that chain with this jacket …. I sold that jacket but? Im thinkin about buy some another jacket for spring ;)

  15. nice, mine was awfull? small in arms but it looks really dope if you add some gold chain on your shirt

  16. Just ordered mines in a size XXL…Can’t wait for it to? get here! Bout to show these boys how you suppose to wear it…

  17. What??

  18. dont trippin? G

  19. Do? you know the history of that word?

  20. mada? fugin shit

  21. but this jacket……? MEEEEENG lol i laughed so hard

  22. im? not a nigga lol

  23. how? mutch to sweden?

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